One of the best things about celebrating your birthday each year is being able to go all out with your look. You can wear the sultriest gowns or an over-the-top smokey eye makeup look, and no one can say anything about it. You can just have fun!

But one of the most crucial parts of creating your look is picking among many birthday hairstyles. There are countless possible birthday hairstyles for women, so picking one might be overwhelming. We’re here to help.

Read on to see 18th birthday hairstyle ideas. Whether you’re turning six or 60, there’s bound to be something for you on this list of birthday hairstyles for girls.

Birthday Hairstyles For Girls:

Cute Bowtie Half-Updo with Curls and Braids 

Teens and preteens with long hair will love this charming and dainty look. It’s a beautiful hairstyle to wear for daytime and garden birthday parties!

Start by curling your hair with a curling wand and creating some braids with locks close to your face. Then, do a sort of half-ponytail, bringing some braids and strands by your hairline together at the back of your head. 

Tie them all together with a pastel-colored bowtie, and you’re ready to wow at your party.

Curly High Pony with Swirled Edges

If you have naturally curly, black hair, this one will look super pretty on you. It’s very easy too!

First, put your curly hair in a sleek, tight, high ponytail. Be sure to leave thin locks of hair near your face out of the ponytail—those can frame your face like tendrils. 

With a clean toothbrush and some hair gel, style your edges to create spirals near your hairline. This will keep your otherwise frizzy baby hairs in place all day.

Finger-Coiled Natural Curls

Bring out your natural curl pattern by finger-coiling your locks to perfection. Your curls might tend to look frizzy and poofy. But if you coil them with your fingers, they’ll be more defined—perfect for celebrating your birthday in style.

Instead of scrunching your hair with a towel after your shower, wrap each lock around your fingers to create the most flawlessly shaped curls. Let your hair air-dry and wear them down for your party.

Dutch-Braided Pigtails

What’s cool about this braided birthday hairstyle is that it’s fantastic for many different age groups, from kids to trendy teens. Plus, it’s easy to do!

Divide your hair down the middle, and pick a section to work on first. Do a Dutch braid on that section, grabbing more hair to include into the braid as you go down. Instead of completing the braid to the end of your hair, stop at the nape and tie the hair into a pigtail. Do the same in the other section.

Wavy Ombre Weave

If you want to try a new hair texture, you can always get a weave for your birthday party look. This one has an ombre color that moves from dark to light tones. Use it as inspiration when getting highlights on your extensions or weave if you want some lightness in your shade.

A blown-out look with lots of voluminous waves like this is perfect for any woman in her twenties and thirties celebrating her birthday. It’s a classic clubbing look, so it’s great for all-night birthday celebrations!

Sleek, Neat Ballerina Bun

If you’re gunning for a formal, sophisticated look for your birthday, a sleek ballerina bun is ideal. It’s also one of the easiest hairstyles to master. 

All you have to do is tie your hair in a low ponytail. Then, take your mane and gently twirl it so that it looks like a thick rope. Spin the “rope” around itself, creating a sleek bun where your ponytail is. Secure any stray hairs with bobby pins and spritz on some hair spray.

Messy, Effortless Half-Up Space Buns

This trendy look is perfect for teenage girls celebrating their birthday with friends. Instead of doing the usual Princess Leia space buns, this has a unique take on it—a half-updo.

Part your hair down the middle and grab a thick lock of hair in one of the sections. Make a normal space bun on the top of your head, making sure to secure it with a hair tie. Use bobby pins or colorful clips to keep it steady. Do the same to the other section. 

And voila! Cute, floating space buns that allow you to show off your long locks.

Wavy, Phoenix-Inspired Hair

Turning 18 opens you up to a whole new world of endless possibilities. And so, you should be more experimental with your hair as you celebrate your 18th birthday!

Consider getting your hair dyed in an eye-catching pop of color. You might even do an ombre, like this Phoenix-inspired gradient. Put your hair in curls and waves to show off the depth and dimension of your new shades.

Sleek, Sideswept Baddie Hair

Look like a total Instagram baddie when you celebrate your birthday with this hairstyle. It’s a simple hair-down look with a sleek, side-swept twist.

All you have to do is part your hair in a deep side part for a more retro, bad girl vibe. Then, use some gel or hair cream to stretch out the front pieces of hair going off to the side of your face (so that they kind of look like side bangs). 

Secure them in place with a bobby pin behind your ear and let the rest of your hair flow forward to cover it up. Put on your Kylie-inspired makeup and take all the birthday selfies you want!

Messy Bun for Natural Curls

Messy buns look great on curly hair because it already has that natural volume and lushness. 

All you have to do to achieve this birthday look is to tie your hair in a sleek, low ponytail. Then, create a loose bun with your curls. Make sure to tug on some of the strands so that they look extra messy.

You might also want to leave a few locks near your face to use as curly tendrils. Finger-coil these strands to make them extra defined for added oomph!

Short, Natural Ringlets

It might be difficult to style short, curly hair. So why bother? This year, try wearing your hair naturally on your birthday. You’re bound to get lots of compliments when you embrace your natural texture.

Make sure to blow-dry your short curls with a diffuser to make the most out of your hair’s natural bounce and volume. You heard that right—embrace the poofiness!

Sew-Ins for Thick, Luscious Waves

There’s no more perfect time to get those sew-ins you’ve always wanted than on your birthday. It’s a great way to make your mane look and feel thicker and more bodied.

For a sexy birthday look, do a blow-out on your sew-in extensions to create big, sultry waves. Remember to use some flex-hold hairspray on them so that they keep their shape even as you dance the night away.

Straight Locks with Face-Framing Braids

Any teen celebrating their sweet 16 would look dazzling in this simple yet trendy look. There’s almost no effort required to achieve it too, so it’s great for low-maintenance girls.

Simply part your hair down the middle. Take a thin section of hair on each side of your face and put them in loose braids. Straighten the rest of your locks with a flat iron for that sleek, shiny effect on your hair.

Beaded Headband Over Messy Topknot

Golden girls need to look good on their special day too! This look is perfect for more mature women who want an air of regality as they celebrate their 50th birthday.

Put your hair up in a loose and messy chignon to keep your strands out of your face. Leave some thin locks around your face and curl them away from your head to make them frame your features. Lastly, put on a beaded headband reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties for a vintage touch.

Sultry, Messy Beach Waves

Many women dread hitting 30. But just because you’re done with your twenties, it doesn’t mean you have to stop looking like a bombshell. These flirty beach waves are a terrific way to welcome your thirties if you’re single and ready to mingle at the club.

It’s best to create seductive waves like these with a flat iron. Flick the straightener at an angle as you glide it down your hair, creating loose waves. Keep the ends straight for that messy, “woke up like this” finish.

Chic, Pin-Straight Bob

The best way to wear a bob is to keep it as straight as a rod. That way, you can show off its uniform length. It’s a bold and striking look that is perfect for birthday girls with strong personalities.

Just straighten every lock of hair with a flat iron. Make sure there are no dents and kinks in your locks so that they look completely pin-straight.

Criss-Cross Braided Space Buns

Little girls have cute hairstyles all the time. But on their birthday, they need something even cuter—like these space buns that would look perfect on seven-year-old girls.

Divide your child’s hair evenly into two sections. Create a French braid from the top of each section going down to the mid-lengths and tie them with elastics. 

Then, it’s time to make your space buns. But instead of including the braid you made on each side, do a criss-cross! Put the left braid in the right bun and the right braid in the left bun. This gives it a unique look that will make your baby girl the talk of her preschool after her birthday party’s done!

Sideswept Voluminous Curls 

Your 21st birthday is when you’re finally a woman (and finally allowed to party and drink!). So it makes sense to have a sultry, “grown-up” hairdo to celebrate. This curly, sexy look is perfect for that.

Brush your curled hair over to one side of your head, making sure that your roots are lifted and kind of slicked back. Secure some of your strands on the opposite side of your head with bobby pins to make sure the hair there stays flat and neat. Use some hairspray to hold everything in place. 

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