Every grown woman has probably, at some point in her life, swooned over the stunning, personable Bradley Cooper. 

Whether it was from his earlier roles in shows like Sex and the City or Alias, or when he got even more famous by landing lead roles in blockbuster films like Limitless and A Star is Born, there’s no denying that Bradley has always looked handsome.

Some people say it’s his sweet smile and funny personality, while others will insist that it’s his piercing blue eyes that are so attractive. But another thing about Bradley that no one can stop admiring and gushing about is how he styles his wavy and luscious brown hair.

We’ve seen it all from the A-list actor, from long styles to shorter haircuts and even to facial hair. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and check out 10 of his best hairstyles over the years.

Bradley Cooper Hairstyles:

At a Nip/Tuck Event in 2007

Let’s begin with his early TV series days, shall we? One of Bradley’s most memorable roles before he became such a huge star was as Aidan Stone on Nip/Tuck. At the premiere of the season, his character first appears; he graces the carpet with this spiky style that was in fashion in the mid-2000s.

His medium brown hair is styled to add height to his face shape with strong spikes. However, it’s casual enough to be an everyday look that isn’t flashy or grungy. It’s the perfect look for the heartthrob he was (and will continue to be in the years after). 

Playing Phil in The Hangover in 2009

Considered one of his breakout roles, Bradley’s Phil in the comedy film The Hangover is another role that’s very remarkable in his career. Not only was the movie a box office hit, but it also pushed Bradley into a bigger spotlight.

In the movie, Bradley wore his hair in soft, luscious waves and curls that fell just under his ear. This laidback look was also popular in the late 2000s, which is probably why this look contributed to cementing him as a Hollywood hottie.

Dropping a Shocking Twist in Valentine’s Day in 2010

Although Bradley didn’t have a huge role in the movie Valentine’s Day, the twist that he was part of was unforgettable. 

For this movie, his hairstyle was a bit different compared to the previous two. Instead of a chill, relaxed wave in his hair, the lush locks are brushed back neatly, showing off his temples and flawless skin. This gives him an air of professionalism, which is perfect for his character’s sleek business casual get-up.

In Silver Linings Playbook in 2012

Bradley is famous for his semi-long, brown, wavy hair. So when people saw him with a short haircut in this 2012 movie, jaws dropped. That’s not to say it was a bad look. In fact, it’s the contrary—he looked stunning because the haircut emphasized his facial features!

At the Golden Globes in 2013

A few years later, we see Bradley grow out his hair again, going back to that signature shoulder-length wave. At the 2013 Golden Globes, he walked the red carpet to show off his prince-like hairdo—long locks with soft flyaways. 

He rocks this style with a subtle part down the middle—nothing too harsh and obvious. He also has a few strands sticking out towards the sides of his face for a natural, relaxed touch.

Frolicking at the beach in Rio in 2013

We know most of Bradley’s hairstyles from his red carpet looks and movies. But once in a while, his fans are blessed with candid photos of him in the most charming hairstyles when he’s out and about with friends.

Take, for example, this half-up man bun he sported when he was hanging out at a beach in Rio with some co-stars. It’s the perfect beach hairdo to help him beat the heat while showing off his signature brown waves. 

Directing a film in 2017

This hairstyle is a lot more unkempt than the others, but it gives fans a more humanized view of Bradley. This is how he looked in LA while directing A Star is Born, which he also starred in (more on that later!). 

His hair was that same wavy brown we all love, but this time it looked messier and carefree. He paired it with a beard that he let grow out, giving him a more mature appearance.

Starring in A Star is Born in 2018

Meanwhile, Bradley’s hair on set when he had his actor hat on was a little different. His locks were brushed back to give him that raw country boy and sensitive artist aura. The ends of his tresses had soft waves and flyaways, similar to his signature look throughout the years but with a small-town vibe.

At the A Star is Born Premiere in 2018

By the time the premiere for A Star is Born had come, Bradley had gone back to a shorter haircut. This time, it was short on the sides but a tad bit longer up top, giving his hair extra volume and height. 

His locks also looked darker than his medium brown a decade back. This time, it looked like a rich, chocolatey brown, which suited him in his more mature roles.

At the Met Gala in 2022

Only the most gorgeous, beautiful-looking people are invited to the exclusive Met Gala. So, it’s no surprise that Bradley was present at the event this year. Although the ball is known for avant-garde looks, Bradley came with a hairstyle that was simple yet handsome.

Over the years, he maintained his chin-length, chocolatey brown hair. He also allowed his waves and curls to fall naturally on the sides of his face to frame it. 

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